Middle School

Grades 7-8

Khalsa Montessori School is a state-funded Excelling Arizona Charter School

What do Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos have in common?

  1. Their innovations have changed the way we live. (They are the inventors of Google and Amazon)
  2. They thrive in a world where the ability to navigate change makes the difference between leading and falling behind.
  3. They each had a Montessori education.

Like these leaders, your child’s future will demand the extraordinary skills provided by a Montessori education

Your child’s future will demand the extraordinary skills provided by a Montessori education. At Khalsa Middle School your 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will learn:

  • critical analysis
  • motivation
  • self-discipline
  • concentration
  • independent thinking
  • teamwork and leadership skills
  • while mastering language, science, mathematics, and humanities.

What will my child experience at Khalsa Middle School?

Khalsa Middle School offers a challenging academic curriculum in a stimulating environment that includes graded classroom work as well as special projects. These special projects offer hands-on learning, leadership training and real-life skills as students move from the classroom into the community.

What is the daily schedule?

The Middle School day begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:20. On Wednesday, classes end at 2:00.

Is extended care available?

Extended care before and after school, special after-school classes, and a summer program are offered at the Khalsa Montessori School River Road campus.

What is the class size?

Although Khalsa Middle School is a free, public school, class size is comparable to or smaller than local private schools. In the Middle School, there are 35-40 students with two certified Montessori teachers and a full-time trained assistant.

What kinds of training do Montessori teachers have?

All Montessori teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, in addition to a Montessori Teacher Credential. To complete Montessori certification, teachers must complete training and an internship in the Montessori materials, curriculum, teaching methods and educational philosophy.

Middle School teachers attend a combined Middle School/High School Montessori training program, with an option to complete a Masters in Education with a specialization in Montessori Education.

Several of our teachers have or are pursuing Master’s degrees. In addition to their Montessori training, teachers regularly participate in teaching seminars and workshops each year.

How do you measure the Middle School students’ progress?

All Khalsa School students have a work plan: Middle School students receive an individualized weekly work plan that helps them to manage their classwork and homework assignments. The teacher checks the work before it is considered complete, and monitors what each student has accomplished on a daily basis.

Each day, students come to at least two small group lessons, in which the teacher monitors the progress of their learning. Teachers also spend time each day observing students. The students maintain journals and work folders. Teachers help students create a portfolio of the student’s best work, which accompanies the student through the academic levels at Khalsa School and is presented to parents during the end of year parent conference.

Will my child be graded?

Yes. All Middle School students receive grades for their substantive work and their skill development.

How do children from other schools do when they transfer to a Montessori School?

Teachers work individually with new students to assure that those transferring from more traditional settings learn to thrive in Montessori’s innovative, self-directed study methods. Students learn how to follow a work plan, work independently and in teams, and manage their time effectively. Some transfer students may be accustomed to reacting to external motivation provided by the teacher. Montessori education will help them build a self-motivated work ethic. Independent, motivated learners (who are often bored in a traditional classr oom) experience the most seamless transition.

What is included in the curriculum?

As a charter school, our Montessori curriculum meets all the Arizona State Standards. Middle School students work daily on math, science, language arts, humanities, and social studies, as scheduled in their weekly work plans.

Do Khalsa School students take standardized tests?

Yes. Every year, students in the Middle School take the AIMS test (Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards), which is the state-required test to measure how students are performing on state standards.

Where is your campus?

Khalsa Middle School is conveniently located in the Catalina foothills at 3701 E. River Road, just east of the junction of River and Alvernon Roads. The Middle School occupies a new, state-of-the-art building with a central group classroom space and smaller, break-out roomsÑcalled podsÑfor class sessions in all curriculum areas.

What extracurricular activities are offered at Khalsa School?

We offer Middle School students the opportunity to participate in choir, drama, art and physical education. They also have the opportunity to participate in group violin lessons.

In addition, classes take field trips and are involved in community endeavors throughout the year. Class guests are invited to discuss curricular areas of study with the students. After school, many clubs are offered. In the past, choices have included chess, martial arts, yoga, and art. Khalsa School students and teams regularly do well in chess competitions.

How do Montessori children do when transitioning to a traditional high school?

Research has shown that Montessori-trained students do very well transitioning to traditional high schools. They have learned how to structure their time, work on their own, and do independent research. Montessori students normally develop a positive attitude toward school and enthusiasm for learning that will serve them well in any environment.

What high schools do your middle school graduates attend?

Khalsa Montessori School graduates have attended a variety of public district, public charter, and private high schools, including University High, Tucson High, Catalina Foothills High, City High, St. Gregory and Salpointe.

Do you offer services for children with special needs at Khalsa School?

Yes. Partnership between teachers, parents and students will help ensure a successful experience for the children. Khalsa School offers special education services for grades K-8. For younger children, information on developmental screening can be obtained from your doctor or local school district, or you may call the Children’s Information Center (800-232-1676).

Is parental involvement encouraged at Khalsa School?

One of the many strengths of Khalsa School is our active parent community. Khalsa Community Organization [KCO] sponsors many events each year to build community involvement.

Khalsa School also hosts five annual Parent Nights, which are engaging and informative presentations by experts and teams of teachers discussing different aspects of the Montessori curriculum. Several times a year, we host parent workdays to tackle larger projects. These are wonderful opportunities to meet new parents and support the school.

How can we assure our child a place in the Middle School?

Middle School spaces are opened to the public in mid-March, after registration for currently-enrolled families is complete.

After you have submitted the Middle School Enrollment Form, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment at the school to complete your child’s registration forms. Families will be contacted in the order in which your enrollment forms are received. When all available spaces have been filled, we will begin placing names on a waiting list.

Middle School student candidates are invited to visit the school. The program director will make an appointment to meet with the parents and the students, give a tour of the campus, and offer them an opportunity to observe classes and events.

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Special needs

Khalsa Montessori School offers special education services for grades k-8. For younger children, information on developmental screening and services for children with special needs can be obtained from your doctor, your local school district, or you may call the Children’s Information Center (800-232-1676).