Toddler Learning Environment

In the Montessori toddler classroom, we create an emotionally safe environment in which children can learn cooperation, collaboration and grace and courtesy.

Trust is fostered with caring professionals who provide a prepared environment which has an orderly physical set-up and predictable routines.

We provide an environment that is respectful, safe, nurturing and beautiful, where teachers exhibit unconditional love for each child. Promoting the child’s development of trust with the adults and the environment will allow a child to establish healthy social-emotional relationships in life.

Brain development is an integral part of the Montessori program. Toddlers can learn to concentrate and focus on a task. The environment is filled with learning activities that are developmentally appropriate and interesting for the toddler. The child is free to choose activities according to his/her own interests. When the environment interests the child, she/he begins to become more focused and will develop skills of concentration and self direction. It is our goal to meet each child’s needs and develop these skills.

In the toddler room, the teachers work in collaboration with parents to develop strong, successful individuals. Collaborating ensures trust between parents and teachers as well as consistency in each child’s life.