3-6 Curriculum Areas

Khalsa Montessori School’s Early Childhood Program provides a non-competitive, cooperative, hands-on, experiential learning environment in a mixed-age classroom. The Montessori philosophy addresses the emotional, physical, and academic needs of the child while catering to the spirit of each individual. Children work independently, both choosing works autonomously and receiving one-on-one lessons from the teacher.

There are four main curricular areas in the Montessori Early Childhood classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, and Language

In addition to these four main curricular areas, students explore culture and science, art, music, and world studies. Children are invited to work in the classroom or our outdoor learning environment, visit the garden, or dig for worms in the compost. In addition to self-directed work and group-time activities, we have once a week visits from a music instructor who introduces simple musical concepts and a local musician who comes in to play guitar and lead us in songs.

The Early Childhood classrooms at Khalsa Montessori offer a safe, rich, and joyful environment for children to learn and grow both as individuals and as members of their community.