Mission Statement

Khalsa Montessori School is a community of children, families, and school staff which works together to create a positive and nurturing environment to support learning and personal growth. We continue to address community needs through expanded services and programs.

Our excellent educational programs and conscious, loving care-giving encourage the development of healthy bodies, thinking minds and loving, confident spirits. Children have freedom to explore, gain hands-on experience and learn in a safe, peaceful environment equipped with beautiful learning materials and positive role models. Children are fulfilled and happy as they gain independence and responsibility in caring for themselves, each other and the world we share.

Khalsa Montessori School’s consistent quality and dependable service give parents peace of mind. The staff respects the parent’s role as the child’s first teacher, welcomes parent involvement and values daily contact and communication. The community of staff and families encourages the exchange of information and ideas for successful child-raising, and offers support for parenting challenges.

The professional staff is dedicated to high standards of education, care, and service, and believes in the importance of education. They are committed to personal and professional growth, creatively apply and share their knowledge and skills and create a safe and healthy environment. Our teachers like what they do.

Khalsa School is consistent in maintaining a positive, creative and supportive environment for the extended community of staff, parents and children. We serve our future by giving children a positive experience of life and the world during the important formative years.

Charter School Mission Statement

The mission of Khalsa School is to: provide an integrated Montessori education in a caring environment, offer children and parents a public education alternative in the Tucson urban area, offer children a challenging holistic education using multiple intelligence and an emergent curriculum, create an environment that allows children the opportunity to develop academic, social, and physical excellence.