Early Childhood

3 to 6 years

The Montessori 3 to 6 classroom is a busy, engaging environment designed to meet the developmental needs of the preschool aged child. Maria Montessori identified “sensitive periods” of growth and learning at each plane of human development. The preschooler is at a sensitive period for learning with the “absorbent mind”, internalizing all of life’s experiences. learning with all the senses. There is an explosion of language–building vocabulary, learning to communicate needs and wants, understanding, naming and explaining the world all around, beginning to read and write. The Montessori classroom provides the rich, experiential environment to meet the needs of the absorbent mind learner.

The Khalsa early childhood community is made up of a well trained staff working with concerned parents to provide the best possible care for their precious young children.  Morning care, full day care, and extended care are offered Monday through Friday year-round. The multi-age groupings are the infant class for infants under one year, the toddler class for one year olds to three year olds, and the primary class for three to 6 year olds.

Our conscious loving care provides:

  • Respect for the child
  • An orderly environment
  • Space to move, places to explore
  • Interesting things to observe and learn
  • An extended family
  • Simple, healthy food
  • Freedom to choose
  • Clear limits, gentle discipline
  • Non-sexist, non-violent role models
  • Stimulating learning activities

Our conscious, loving care encourages:

  • Self-esteem
  • Problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Curiosity
  • Language, communication skills
  • Self direction
  • Independence to “do it myself”

Special needs

Khalsa Montessori School offers special education services for grades k-8. For younger children, information on developmental screening and services for children with special needs can be obtained from your doctor, your local school district, or you may call the Children’s Information Center (800-232-1676).