Wellness and a Vegetarian School

Occasionally we are asked why we insist on allowing only vegetarian and sugar-free foods at Khalsa Montessori School. The answer can be found in the educational philosophy which influences each area of school life: we are committed to doing all we can to provide the best learning environment for the children entrusted to our care.

This environment is designed to prepare the child not just for school, but for life. We look at the whole child and consider how we can best meet the needs of the developing child’s expanding mind, open, sensitive spirit, and rapidly growing body.

We provide an excellent academic program to challenge young minds, encourage the development of creative thinking skills and fulfill the child’s innate longing to learn. Children develop self esteem and independence by learning to care for themselves, each other and the world we share. Peaceful, loving confident spirits bloom through participation in the life of the school community.

Healthy children are happy children. Exercise and diet are key contributors to good health. Children are encouraged to move at Khalsa School, not only in movement classes and exercise times, but throughout the day as they move about the classroom using their large and small muscles to master new motor skills. To aid physical development, we also encourage healthy habits, good hygiene, and are careful to provide the best foods for optimum health.

Studies throughout the world have confirmed again and again that the best diet for children is low in fat, low in salt and sugar and high in fiber. The vegetarian diet easily meets these qualifications and the plant kingdom offers plenty of protein and other nutrients without the high fat content of a diet overly dependent on meat and dairy products.

Our children are our future. Good eating habits taught now can help ensure a healthy future for them, reducing the risks of diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease that plague so many Americans. Considering the global impact of heavy meat consumption in this country, the use of more plant foods and fewer animal products can also be seen as a part of the solution to many of the social and environmental problems that our children will inherit. A kinder, gentler nation will need a kinder, gentler diet.

Many families at Khalsa School follow a vegetarian diet and many do not, but we ask that all families cooperate in sending only vegetarian foods (free of meat, fish, eggs and refined sugar) to school. This has been a challenge for many parents. We encourage families to share ideas and recipes and discover the delicious variety of foods and flavors that can be created from plant and dairy sources. Sharing time in the kitchen, enjoying the colors and vibrant flavors of live foods is a wonderful opportunity for quality time together, another way to nurture body and soul and share the love.