Parent Organizations

River Campus: Khalsa Community Organization (KCO)

What is the KCO?

The Khalsa Community Organization (KCO), much like any PTA or PTO, is a group of volunteers, just like yourself, with a goal of enhancing your child’s school environment and education experience. The purpose of the KCO is to provide parent support and financial contributions to advance and enhance the education of the children who attend Khalsa Montessori School. The KCO is an association of parents, grandparents, guardians, administration, faculty, and staff that provides its members with a voice, a sense of community, and an opportunity to raise funds, organize events and activities, oversee committees (e.g., fundraising, community building, communications), offer funding for classroom materials, provide funds for teacher gifts and conferences, provide information to families, hold community-building events, and maintain communication with the school administration.

What happens to your fundraising money? How do you want these funds used? Go to KCO meetings and help decide. Based on requests from Khalsa teachers and staff, the KCO biannually allocates funds for:

  • Indoor and outdoor classroom and playground materials and enhancements, such as a new shade structure for the Space Net
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers; Montessori teacher training; and winter and year-end staff gifts
  • Student trips and cultural enrichment

We welcome all Khalsa community members. Come get involved! Whether it’s volunteering 30 minutes to supervise a ride at the carnival, hanging up artwork on Arts Night, serving on an event committee, or donating money instead of time, we appreciate every contribution.

Camden Campus: Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Facebook Group: Parents of Khalsa Montessori School, Camden Campus

2023-2024 Officers
President Tobey Ryan
Vice President Jodi Vander Ploeg
Treasurer Charity McLean
Secretary Cara Gwinn

The Khalsa Camden PTO is a group of volunteers, with the goal to keep our school community engaged while supporting and appreciating our teachers and staff that spend their days with our children. Any adult connected to the Khalsa Camden community is welcome to join and be a part of this group.

One of the main functions of the PTO is to raise funds to support our Khalsa community through school funding support, extend support and appreciation to our teachers and staff throughout the year, and host school community events.

Our PTO is governed by a board of volunteers who lead the school community in these activities. We meet monthly where anyone who wishes to be a part of the planning and execution of fundraising campaigns as well as allocation of funds raised is welcome. We encourage everyone who is interested to be a part of this group to help shape our school community, and appreciate all the ways families are able to be involved and contribute to these goals in the capacity best suited for each of you in the form of time, talent and/or treasure. We rely on each other to uphold the support and integrity of our school community as it requires the work of us all together.