Volunteer Opportunities

Family Directory (August)

Each year, the KCO produces the family directory. Advertising space is available in the front of the directory. The Ads help pay for to print the directory.

How to contribute:

  • Place an ad for your business or service in the directory
  • Work on the committee to type up contact information for Khalsa families
  • Get class lists from the school and type them in
  • Create the front and back cover art

Carnival (September)

Social gathering of families and students enjoying inflatable rides and activities in a casual setting. Snacks, food, and refreshments are available for purchase. This is a great community builder and fundraiser. The kids love it!

How to contribute:

  • Help set up
  • Sell tickets
  • Supervise a game or an inflatable ride
  • Run a booth
  • Serve food
  • Help clean up
  • Donate money to sponsor a ride

Original Works (Fall)

This annual fundraiser showcases the fun and beautiful art created by Khalsa children each year. Original Works is a way of transforming student artwork onto a variety of keepsake items, such as mugs, note cards, mouse pads, pillowcases, hot pads, night lights, key chains, and many others.

How to contribute:

  • Offer to coordinate the fundraiser
  • Coordinate with Khalsa teachers to agree upon a date when student art will be complete
  • Distribute order forms and gather completed art and order forms
  • Mail in Khalsa’s order
  • Distribute orders

Jim Click Raffle (Fall/Winter)

Since 2003, Jim Click has initiated eight raffles for charities in the Greater Tucson area and has donated a vehicle as the raffle prize. Eligible 501c3 charities, like the KCO, have been encouraged to sell tickets for the raffle with each charity keeping 100% of the proceeds raised. Each year, Jim Click donates a new car or SUV as the Grand Prize. In recent years, Mr. Click has also offered a second prize of two round-trip, international, first-class plane tickets to nearly anywhere in the world and a third prize of $5,000 cash.

How to contribute:

  • Coordinate ticket sales from the beginning of the school year until the end of November
  • Sell tickets at the KCO Carnival
  • Sell tickets to friends and family
  • Sell tickets at work

Kid’s Center Shopping Event (Fall)

For the past several years in the fall, the KCO has partnered with Kid’s Center, a locally owned business, to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping, and help our school at the same time. Typically, for the entire month before Thanksgiving, Kid’s Center donates 20% of Khalsa family purchases to Khalsa School. Kid’s Center has a large variety of educational toys, games, science kits, and crafts for all ages. They also have more than 1,500 books in stock. If they don’t have the title you’re looking for, they’ll order it for you.

How to contribute: Shop at Kid’s Center during the announced shopping dates.

Box Tops for Education (Fall, Spring)

Collect box tops from the office, check their expiration dates, and mail them in to Box Tops for Education twice per year.

Camping Trips (Fall, Spring)

Beginning in 2017, the KCO began planning camping trips to Mount Lemmon, once in the fall and once in the spring, on a weekend Friday-Sunday, with a larger community potluck on the Saturday. Khalsa River and Camden families alike are welcome to attend, but camping space is limited to 23 families per night. Sign up for the camping trip and potluck takes place online, so the best way to contribute is to sign up and attend!

Pizza Day (Fall, Spring)

The KCO’s largest fundraiser, Pizza Day happens every Wednesday, starting early in the school year. You can sign up your child to get a Pizza Hut personal cheese pizza (or more for older kids) and/or breadsticks and marinara.

The Pizza Day Chair distributes a flyer twice per year and ensures those enrolled for Pizza Day receive their pizza and/or breadsticks each week. In addition, the Chair coordinates with the KCO Treasurer to ensure Pizza Hut receives payment.

Yard Sale (Fall/Winter)

The KCO’s Yard * Craft * Book Sale is a unique opportunity for us to fundraise primarily from the Tucson community at large.

How to contribute:

  • Donate valuable items that the KCO can sell. Can you donate 3 items that you know would be great deals at $5 or $10?
  • If you love to sell your stuff, whether it be crafts or household items, rent a space, and keep the proceeds of your sales.
  • Donate gently used books for the newest component of the event – a separate area dedicated to books alone. The school library and teachers will have first pick (free) from these books, with the rest sold in the Book Sale.
  • Volunteer to help make this event a success. Help with organizing the event, pricing items, setting up, selling, cleaning up, or anything else that your time allows.

Science Fair Committee (Fall, Winter)

This committee was formed to promote science at Khalsa. It helps organize the participation of the school in the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering (SARSEF). Every year, this team of committed volunteers connects teachers with science fair mentors and volunteers, establishes a scoring rubric, provides guidance to judges, and provides feedback to students on science fair submissions, including those that go to SARSEF.

How to contribute:

  • Volunteer to mentor a classroom science fair project
  • Volunteer to judge the science fair
  • Volunteer to learn the ropes from the committee

Scholastic Book Fair (January)

After the mid-school-year holiday break each year, the KCO holds a Scholastic Book Fair. It gives the children a good place to spend money on the latest titles in fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction books.

How to contribute:

  • As the coordinator, work with Scholastic Books to establish the Book Fair date (as much as a year in advance)
  • Organize volunteer cashiers
  • Sign up for a slot to collect money for book purchases
  • Buy books for your child’s classroom

Arts Night & Silent Auction (Spring)

Khalsa families enjoy the culmination of their children’s art and music classes by attending presentations of their children’s visual, musical, and dance arts. The KCO offers a pre-paid catered meal for those who are interested. And the night is accompanied by the always-successful Silent Auction fundraiser.

How to contribute:

  • Donate a gift from the heart
  • Donate a service
  • Solicit donations from local businesses
  • Help set up the raffle items and silent auction baskets
  • Help hang student artwork
  • Help hang lights in the dining area
  • Sell food tickets
  • Help distribute prizes
  • Help take down student artwork
  • Help clean up after the event
  • Write thank you notes to businesses after the auction is complete

Communications Committee (Throughout the School Year)

Join the Communications Committee to discover and implement innovative ways to improve parent-school communications.

How to contribute:

  • Show up to periodic meetings
  • Volunteer to test or implement an idea
  • Offer to communicate with the school administration

Community Building (Throughout the School Year)

Join the energetic Community-Building Committee to discuss fun events that bring our community together. Past events include community potlucks, family hikes and picnics, and the For the Love of Play cooperative game-playing event at Playformance for adults and children alike.

How to contribute:

  • Show up to periodic meetings
  • Bring your energy and fresh, fun ideas
  • Help organize a community-building event

Dining for Dollar$ (Throughout the School Year)

This current committee of one works with restaurants who offer Spirit Night fundraisers for schools and other non-profit organizations. Restaurants such as Chipotle, Costa Vida, and Blaze Pizza have participated in the past, offering the KCO 20–25% of the proceeds of the meals purchased by people who mention Khalsa and eat at their restaurants on the night of the event.

How to contribute:

  • Find restaurants in Tucson that participate in these kinds of events
  • Coordinate with the committee chair to arrange an event yourself.

Pool Party (May)

On the last day of school, Khalsa families have a chance to relax, swim, eat, and enjoy the end of the school year at a local large pool venue, such as the Tucson Racquet Club or the Jewish Community Center.

How to contribute:

  • Organize the location and food
  • Sell entry and food tickets
  • Check people in at the door on the day of the event