KCO Leadership

KCO Board

The KCO Board is elected annually at the final KCO general meeting of the school year held each May. No officer may serve in a single position for longer than three consecutive years. The Board consists of at least four officers, including a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Co-Chairs and Co-Vice Chairs are allowed.

Click here for a description of the responsibilities of each leadership position.

Click here for more information on officer positions and KCO elections.

2018–2019 KCO Officers



Vice Chair:



KCO Non-Board Leadership Roles

Room Parent/Classroom Liaison

Room Parents/Classroom Liaisons act as communication conduits between teachers, parents, and the KCO. Key duties include:

  • Providing whatever level of communication and involvement the parent and the teacher agree upon
  • Ensuring important classroom-specific messages about upcoming events get to classroom parents from the KCO (e.g., coordinating class basket donations for the KCO Silent Auction)
  • Organizing field trip drivers/volunteers, if desired by the teacher
  • Distributing requests for volunteers to make KCO community-building and fundraising events fun and successful throughout the school year

Committee Chair

Each year, the KCO organizes several community-building and fundraising events. Some fundraising opportunities are relatively straightforward and only require one or two volunteers at a steady pace throughout the year, such as the Box Tops for Education fundraiser. Other fundraising events are once-per-year events that require many volunteers and much coordination to be successful. Click here for a description of the various school-wide KCO events, fundraisers, and committees that require community volunteer support.

2018–2019 Committee Chairs

Box Tops for Education: Open
Pizza Day:  Tamie Harrison
Yard Sale: Orsi Lazar
Camping Trips: Samirah Steinmeyer
Carnival:  Tamara Ponchahar
Communications: Chris Steinmeyer
Community Building: Ingrid Bregand, Abigail Green
Dining for Dollar$: Matthew Dunkel
Jim Click Raffle: Audrie Terre
Scholastic Book Fair: Sarah Worthington
Original Works: Open
Kid’s Center: Open
Pool Party: Open
Arts Night: Open
Silent Auction: Open